Restaurant POS System: Your Food Business Needs This Superhero!

Why would you put your restaurant behind when everything is getting digitized? The simplest approach to automate and digitize your restaurant operations is to simply install a POS system.

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In-House Online Ordering Systems Are A Life-Saver For Restaurants – Learn How

Online ordering is a lifesaver for restaurants these days, and it’s difficult to argue against the advantages of having an in-house online ordering system.

Guests were already flocking to online ordering even before COVID-19 hit. In October 2019, the National Restaurant Association said that takeout, drive-through, and delivery accounted for 60% of all restaurant and foodservice sales.

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How Does Restaurant Analytics Impact Your Restaurant?

In the restaurant sector, terms like “analytics,” “metrics,” and “reporting” aren’t generally associated with enthusiasm.

Even if you have the appropriate tools, diving into sales, menu, and labor data may be overwhelming – not to mention incredibly tough if you don’t.

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Why Is There a Restaurant Industry Labor Shortage?

COVID-19 aggravated the industry’s major underlying problem. Employees do not feel valued for their job or driven to stay long-term since wages are too low.

Despite the fact that the business is currently improving, many restaurant staff has gone for good. Low earnings, limited benefits, the little possibility for advancement, and industry insecurity have all contributed to the business’s high turnover rates for years. With everyone wanting to employ, the industry talent pool is narrower and more competitive than ever before.

For a long time, the industry has struggled to hire (and keep) workers, particularly chefs, line cooks, and other back-of-house staples, even before COVID.

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Stop Struggling With Restaurant Labor Shortage – Here’s How You Can Solve It

Skilled labor is hard to come by and even difficult to retain in the restaurant industry nowadays. Recruitment and retention have always been a source of frustration for restaurant owners and operators, even before the pandemic.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the restaurant business. Many restaurants were forced to close down, while others had the difficult option of laying off valuable employees and reducing their workforce.

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(Guide) Choosing The Best Restaurant POS System For Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry is transforming at a rapid pace. McDonald’s and Paneras of the world have already accepted Kiosks (& POS tech) as a better alternative to the human workforce. According to one estimate, McDonald’s shift to POS technology will help them cover nearly $2.7 billion in lost sales!

There seems to be an infinite number of POS systems on the market. As more iPad-based solutions hit the industry, the figures begin to rise. All of this makes selecting the best point-of-sale solution for a restaurant a difficult challenge.

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Kitchen Display Systems – The Impressive Technology Your Restaurant Needs Today 

If you’re still processing orders with handwritten paper notes or printed tickets, managing restaurants and planning operations can be difficult.  

That’s why KDS technology has been implemented to transform the back-of-house operations by showing ticket times to keep track of turnaround, color-coding orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and allowing staff to handle incoming orders more effectively. 

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Mobile Handheld POS For Restaurants – Welcome To The Future

Over the last few years, mobile handheld tablets have improved restaurant performance by allowing quicker ordering and payments on the spot.

Today, a new solution for the restaurant industry is poised to accelerate this evolution.

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Why Investing In Self-Service Kiosks Is A Good Investment Move?

65% of customers are more likely to visit your restaurant if you have a self-ordering kiosk system. This number is only going to increase in the present pandemic situation and kiosks are going to be the new normal – A truly contactless POS solution.

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