Why Investing In Self-Service Kiosks Is A Good Investment Move?

65% of customers are more likely to visit your restaurant if you have a self-ordering kiosk system. This number is only going to increase in the present pandemic situation and kiosks are going to be the new normal – A truly contactless POS solution.

You may be wondering, what is a kiosk?

Kiosks are touchscreen ordering devices that provide guests with a menu. Kiosks connect directly to the point-of-sale (POS) network, simplifying order handling & payment processing.

Mass migration towards kiosk technology is already set in motion. Brands including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and other popular restaurant chains have recognized the immense potential of kiosks. It is allowing them to reduce wait times, improve staff productivity, and increase check sizes.

There is no doubt that a self-serving kiosk will boost your restaurant sales. But how?

Let’s dive straight into some juicy facts.

Fact #1: Millennials Love Kiosks

Everyone knows that millennials eat out more than non-millennials. A survey by LendEDU of young Americans aged between 22-37 found that 49% spend more on dining than on retirement savings.

And can you guess what millennials love equally, if not more than dining out? – Cool Gadgets!

This is the reason why self-serving kiosks can raise consumer spending by 30%.

Millennials can avoid the long lines, order customized food, all through the super-convenient kiosk your restaurant has to offer.

Fact #2: Kiosks Make You Money…Like a Lot

A self-serving kiosk always asks customers if they want to add side items which ultimately results in higher check totals.

At Innowi, our data suggest that restaurants that adopt our model will see an increase of over 17% in their average ticket size. For example, if your restaurant’s average ticket size is $33.33, then after the influx of Innowi’s kiosk it may increase to $39. Revenue increments that amount to hundreds in a month will transform into thousands in a year.

Moreover, guests who aren’t accustomed to long lines will be relieved to have a self-serving kiosk at their service. It’s easier for your restaurant to retain customers who like to place an order instantly and receive it in seconds.

More customers = More Revenue

Fact #3: Self-Ordering Kiosks Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

The biggest benefits of self-checkout kiosks is that they speed up the ordering process & promote efficient reallocation of restaurant staff, which is why they are so common in fast-food restaurants. The goal isn’t to recruit fewer people, but to reorganize them in ways that will increase the consumer experience.

With fewer employees serving at cash registers, there would be more staff available to assemble orders more efficiently, reducing wait times. Furthermore, employees can engage new customers to ensure that they are happy & satisfied.

Self-serving kiosks also reduce human errors like miscommunication or language barriers that may become a recurring cost for your restaurant.

Our data suggests that the average cost per error for a QSR amounts to $30. If the total number of transactions is 2100 and the average error recurrence is 5%, then you will have to bear $3,150 monthly and $37,800 annually in additional costs.

With Innowi’s self-serving kiosks these will go directly into your savings. Sign up for free today!

Fact #4: Kiosks Drive Down Labor Costs

The #1 pain point of most restaurant owners is the ever-rising labor cost. Plus, in this pandemic, cheap labor is hard to come by.

The only viable solution – Kiosks that replace crucial labor functions.

Guests can send their orders through a contactless kiosk solution. Your restaurant’s kitchen receives it, prepares the order, and sends it back out to the consumers.

Only a small staff is needed to make sure that your restaurant’s automated kitchen is functioning as expected.

At Innowi, our data suggest that for a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), the average number of employees is 15 with an average monthly salary of $2,825. Innowi’s kiosk solution can help you re-allocate the space of at least two employees to other important tasks, thus saving your restaurant $5,650 monthly and $67,800 annually in labor costs.

Fact #5: Track Consumer Habits With Advanced Analytics

Kiosks allow restaurant owners to collect vast quantities of information about their customers’ purchasing habits. They allow restaurant owners to monitor anything from in-restaurant traffic and meal shopping trends to the most commonly searched menu items and more. Quicker ordering also allows retailers to collect additional customer data by fast surveys without having to wait in line.

Did you know that 81% of companies who deliver customer experience excellence outperform their competition? Through the analytics provided by Innowi’s Kiosk you can easily track the flaws in your customer service, identify consumer habits, and optimize the customer experience to get more sales.

Our Mission – Empower The Restaurant Industry

At Innowi we believe investing in restaurants to promote mutual growth is win-win for everyone. Our 90-day Free plan is a great opportunity for restaurants to try our cutting-edge POS technology, install our amazing Kiosks, and see the magic happen right in front of their eyes.

The bottom line: Kiosks are here to stay. Evolve now or lose out to your competitors.

*Disclaimer: The numbers mentioned in this article are based on a specific set of metrics. To get specific numbers/benefits for your restaurant, get in touch with our sales team to know how Innowi’s restaurant management system can transform your business.

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