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Kahnaa Mediterranean

Color, flavor, and freshness are what makes Mediterranean cuisine so special.

Hummus or pita bread, make ordering more realistic for your customers by introducing kiosk screens for accurate order taking and enhancing the customer experience.

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Your own branded website that allows customers to order from any device is the smartest method to enable direct ordering.

Expand your Vietnamese restaurant by taking online orders from your own website and app, giving rewards, and running marketing campaigns.

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With an intuitive kiosk screen, customers can easily select sauces, veggies, and meat of their own choice for the pizza.

Manage your orders systematically by offering add-ons such as multiple toppings or even two different toppings on the same pizza for half & half.

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Paninis or sandwiches need to be served quickly.

Our KDS can notify your chef as soon as the order is pushed by the staff or the guest through our integrated POS.

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Subcontinental cuisines

Regularly update your combo deals of curry or rice through our admin app.

Whether it is a halwa puri or lunch special, you can update the menu through the mobile app and accelerate your business.

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Keep your hosts, servers, delivery staff, and kitchen staff all on the same page when it comes to swift service via online ordering.

Through online ordering, customers would know the exact pick-up order timings before reaching the restaurant.

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Coffee shops

Make regulars via Rewards!

To maximize lifetime value, implement and customize loyalty points and free drinks for your customers.

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Boba tea

Either it’s Black Milk Tea or Matcha Milk Tea with extra cream, impress your customers by offering modifiers, add-ons, and cross-selling items through kiosk and QR ordering of this flavorful beverage.

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With our countertop POS system, your bakery can cater more customers.

The dual POS screen allows them to verify their orders and pay using mobile pay, card, or cash.

You can go cashier-free with our solution
Cost effective payment processing
Easy menu management through app
Cloud-based real-time reporting and analytics
Simple to use software that can help generate revenues
24/7 Support Available