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Dual Screen Restaurant POS

Restaurants can be run comfortably through your point-of-sale device. The dual-screen hardware allows real-time visibility of orders.

Manage all your orders
Employee management
Manage your refund
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Manage All Your Orders

All your devices are integrated into the restaurant POS letting you manage orders simply. Whether it is a walk-in, call or online order, every mode of your customer is covered.

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Employee Management

Our solution automatically develops timesheets for your staff so you don’t need to make manual entries. Always know which members are on a break such that you’re never short of them during rush hours.

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Manage Your Refund

Whenever a customer claims a refund, your staff-facing countertop screen can come in handy. This will not affect other guests’ ordering experience, and you can run your restaurant normally.

One-stop solution for all restaurants

An integrated system to cater to all your needs.
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You can go cashier-free with our solution
Cost effective payment processing
Easy menu management through app
Cloud-based real-time reporting and analytics
Simple to use software that can help generate revenues
24/7 Support Available