One platform to cater your needs

Empower your customers to decide how they want to be served

Self Serve

Kiosk Ordering

Facilitate your customers to order food.

Through appetizing imagery and personalized recommendations, Innowi’s kiosk will enhance your guests’ experience at your restaurant.

A digital kiosk can complement the ambience!

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QR Code Ordering

Your guests can sit at the restaurant table and order with the convenience of their phone.

Placing an order through a QR code is a personalized experience, as you can order everything from your mobile device.

Personalized experiences do pay-off!

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Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Online ordering is a facility that your food lovers want. Now they can order food from anywhere with ease.

Furthermore, they can get the food delivered to their place or they can select “pick-up” option.

If you do not have online ordering yet, you might be missing out on potential foodies – even your regulars would like the feature!

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Restaurant POS

Countertop POS

Your diners can now order and pay at the counter.

The countertop dual screen helps both, customer and staff, to review the order and pay simultaneously.

Its admin panel generates real time reports and alerts for your restaurant insights.

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Handheld POS

Mobile handheld POS gives you the capability to take orders anywhere.

It is portable device that can easily be carried by your staff.

Now you can take orders at the table or by the curbside without making your customers wait.

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Kitchen Display System - KDS

Our KDS integrates all types of ordering – Kiosk ordering, QR code ordering, Online ordering, Handheld POS, Countertop POS – into one.

This helps the chef to manage orders in real time.

Your staff can, therefore, dedicatedly look after your guests!

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Marketing and Rewards

Loyalty and Rewards

Never lose your customers. Make your customers loyal by rewarding them.

Our loyalty and rewards program will always complement your customers to visit again and again.

Always attracts new customer by incentives, friend referrals, birthday deals and much more.

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Marketing Automation

Connect with every guest in a meaningful way.

Innowi’s platform run marketing campaigns across multiple channels through targeted and personalized outreach.

Choose different customer groups to send special offers via sms and email.

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