Mobile Handheld POS For Restaurants – Welcome To The Future

Over the last few years, mobile handheld tablets have improved restaurant performance by allowing quicker ordering and payments on the spot.

Today, a new solution for the restaurant industry is poised to accelerate this evolution.

Innowi’s mobile handheld POS is a deeply integrated handheld point of sale system designed specifically to empower the restaurant industry.

With this innovative mobile POS solution your restaurant can:
● Process transactions with lighting fast speed
● Accept all types of payments
● Reduce time frictions and increase sales

And many more.

Importance of Mobile Handheld

Did you know that the average transaction value of mobile POS payments is expected to rise at a rate of 22.6 percent annually through 2024?

This means if you make the decision to invest right now, there is a high chance of your restaurant swimming in a sea of profits.

Restaurants can use Innowi’s innovative POS hardware & software to boost revenue and attract customers even during this dry pandemic season. As a result, business owners can save money upfront while still enjoying excellent POS software.

The Game is Changing: Mobile is taking over everything

“The only constant in life is change.”

Very few people expected such a huge shift to mobile technology over the last decade.

But the fact is that in 2020, the average number of smartphone users in the world has surpassed 3.6 billion! This number is going to grow exponentially in the coming years as highlighted by Statista.

What does this mean for your restaurant?

Simple – An overwhelmingly high number of smartphone users will always prefer some sort of mobile device over any other system. Plus, your kitchen staff would be more comfortable with a smart mobile device for receiving, managing, and delivery orders.

Find out why Millenials love restaurant POS systems

Furthermore, during the pandemic, curbside pickups have been on the rise. Customers prefer either a completely contactless experience (online ordering & home delivery) or picking up their food with minimal contact.

This is where your competitors are winning customers. Stop them today by getting our risk-free 30-day trial that includes hardware and software! Call our sales team today!

Undeniable Advantages of Mobile POS Simplify The Customer Experience

The quality of your restaurant revolves around providing outstanding service.

Today, 7 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they have spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great service.

And do customers like to wait in lines for their food? Of course not.

The customer’s pain point has always been long waiting times & complex ordering mechanisms.

Simplify this process through Innowi’s mobile handheld device. Customers pay without any human contact, and your kitchen staff will receive the order right from the table in real-time.

Increased Table Turns

Never lose hungry diners who want their food instantly—your mobile POS will ensure that you can serve more customers, even on a busy day. Servers expend less time going back and forth between a static terminal and their section by placing items into the handheld POS at the table.

Taking orders and payments at the table would allow you to spend more time with your guests and less time waiting for the details of their orders to be entered.

There will be less to worry about during your shift with menu info and order management right at your fingertips. Reduced errors, more face time with customers, and quicker food delivery result in happier customers, more table turns, and higher tips.

With our POS hardware and software your restaurant may see an increase of 35-40% in table turns. With an automated ordering process, it is easier for customers to save their time by choosing their meal quickly, get it delivered, finish it, and leave asap. This means your restaurant can now accommodate more customers in less time and thus make more revenue.

Keep Your Employees Happy

When it comes to bigger tips, using a mobile POS will boost your restaurant’s overall profits. Increased service pace allows you to turn tables more quickly, bringing in more customers. The days of irritated customers leaving due to a long wait time are long gone. You will be able to serve more of your delicious food and beverages to customers easily and conveniently with a handheld POS.

Finding loyal employees during the pandemic is exceedingly difficult. Bigger tips mean employee happiness and retention charts would go sky-high and it would generate more revenue for your restaurant – A real win-win situation.

At Innowi, our data suggests that restaurants who use our mobile handheld device to may experience up to 33% increase in waiter’s tips which can amount to $42,000 annually on average.

Remember, happy employees are what makes your restaurant profitable. Avoiding high employee turnover rate will help your business save a lot of money. Did you know that replacing an hourly employee can cost you around $6000? To avoid this unfortunate scenario, make sure your employees are satisfied and happy by incorporating Innowi’s mobile POS into the back of house operations. The easier their job, the high chance they will stay loyal to your restaurant.

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Save your restaurant from costly errors

Entering orders tableside with a mobile POS will guarantee that accurate information is being sent back to your kitchen. Your chefs will be relieved that they will not have to correct an error and try to decipher disqualified tickets any time an order is sent to the kitchen.

Our experts at Innowi, believe that restaurants who use our mobile handheld device can save thousands of dollars every month that go to waste due to order inaccuracies. For example, if your restaurant’s average transactions per month are 2100 with an error %age of 5% i.e. 105 inaccurate transactions and one error costs you $30, then you are losing $3,150 on a monthly basis. With our mobile handheld device, your restaurant can save $3,150 monthly and $37,800 in yearly costs.

Easier To Use with Unparalleled Features

Innowi’s durable mobile handheld hardware is only 13mm thick and stylish enough to complement your restaurant’s design and compact enough to fit in a back pocket or apron. This amazing piece of light-weight hardware that feels like a big iPhone with a pin pad can boost your restaurant sales up to 20%.

Go Mobile With Innowi – Invest & Get More In Return

We are offering our innovative restaurant management POS (hardware + software) free for 30 days. Innowi believes in empowering restaurants and investing in them when they need help.

If you are still not sure about this amazing POS system, give our sales team a call and let us prove it to you with our 30-day risk-free trial of free hardware and software.

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