Kitchen Display Systems – Technology Your Restaurant Needs

If you’re still processing orders with handwritten paper notes or printed tickets, managing restaurants and planning operations can be difficult.  

That’s why KDS technology has been implemented to transform the back-of-house operations by showing ticket times to keep track of turnaround, color-coding orders to help staff see what’s cooking and what’s ready to go, and allowing staff to handle incoming orders more effectively. 

Kitchen Display Systems – What, Why, & How? 

A centralized automated ordering system is known as a KDS. It simplifies communication and performance in both the front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) in most restaurants by replacing paper tickets in the kitchen (BOH). 

To profit from kitchen display systems, or KDS, you don’t have to operate a quick-service restaurant or a large kitchen. 

In fact, the functional advantages that touchscreen kitchen display systems provide will benefit kitchens of all shapes and sizes. 

Now let’s dive into the ‘How’ of KDS systems and the benefits it provides for your kitchen display system. 

1. Streamline kitchen operations 

Errors and misunderstandings between the front and back of the house are not only expensive financially, but they can also ruin the customer experience. Incorrect orders were found to be the source of 62 percent of customer complaints, according to a large consumer survey

Innowi’s KDS enables tickets to be directed directly to separate kitchen screens and prep stations, allowing appetizers and salads to be sent to the correct line from the same ticket. 

Tickets on a kitchen display device do not get misplaced, crash on the floor, or get out of order by mistake. There’s no need to decode chicken scratch. 

Planning ahead of time is critical for chefs in a busy kitchen to ensure a smooth transition. Knowing that they must prepare a total of 12 burgers, rather than four individual orders of three burgers, take the guesswork out of the equation — and gives the chefs more time to plan and cook the food. 

Innowi’s kitchen display system provides a bird’s eye-view of the kitchen operations, so chefs can see precisely how many patties need to be grilled, how many orders of chips need to be fried, and how many pepperoni pizzas need to be baked with accurate precision. 

Take the guesswork out of your kitchen – Try Innowi’s KDS Risk-free For 30 Days 

2. Save Paper – Benefit The Environment 

Running a more efficient kitchen operation is not only good for the climate, but it is also good for the company. Restaurants save money and cater to environmentally conscious customers by reducing food waste and preparing better for each service. 

You will greatly minimize food waste in your restaurant by minimizing the risk of any discrepancies or errors in your orders. When used in conjunction with a smart restaurant POS, the KDS removes uncertainty and ensures that the business runs as smoothly, effectively, and accurately as possible. 

Think of how much paper you’ll save if you get rid of your kitchen printer. Printing your regular orders may not seem to be a significant cost or waste in the grand scheme of things, but it adds up quickly. A roll of printer paper that costs about $6 covers around 500 orders. Plus the higher cost of printer ink, which averages out to just over one cent per paper ticket.  

Imagine how many orders the restaurant kitchen processes every day, and then consider the cost savings – as well as the positive environmental impact – that removing paper tickets would bring. 

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction 

Customers would have a positive experience thanks to increased accuracy and service speed. Customer service is the lifeblood of the foodservice industry, and the quality of service you provide will make or break your business. U.S. companies lose more than $62 billion annually due to poor customer service

A KDS improves a restaurant’s overall efficiency and significantly improves customer service.  

Even the service staff is able to extend good hospitality to the customers because there are fewer hassles and misunderstandings in the kitchen backend. Such high-quality service ensures a positive customer experience, resulting in improved revenue and earnings, as well as loyal customers. 

4. Economic Benefits For Your Restaurant  

Many people recommend purchasing POS systems in order to improve the efficiency and profitability of their restaurants. These are the same factors why you should put your money into KDS. The fact that it saves you money on paper is the first and most obvious evidence of its economic worth.  

The use of kitchen screens completely eliminates the use of papers to communicate between the kitchen and the front desk. It also saves money by predicting inventory for the next day based on the order. As a result, there will be less food waste in the restaurant, lowering your costs significantly. 

A Kitchen Display System also allows you to get the best out of your employees since no one is waiting in anticipation for the next order. Everyone can see their assigned tasks on the screen and complete them without needing to wait for special orders from the executive chef. 

5. Built-In Integrations That Excel Your Restaurant Operations 

Innowi’s cutting edge technology comes with a full set of integrations that aim to give you the freedom to automate your restaurant operations and make them more efficient.  

Manage and process payments with lighting fast speed, send notifications to waiters from the kitchen, and set up a custom alert system to streamline back of house (BOH) operations. 

6. A Next-Gen Restaurant 

When it comes to technology, millennials always want the next best thing. Cutting-edge technology always starts small before it is accepted worldwide. Those who ignore the early signs are always left behind. 

Take Bitcoin for example. On 9 February 2011, one Bitcoin was equal to $1. And today, well, the whole world knows that it has surpassed $50k and poised to break the $100k barrier soon. The majority of people didn’t accept Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for a long time and lost a huge investment opportunity. 

Innowi’s restaurant technology is the start of something Big. Our Kiosk, Mobile Handheld POS, and Kitchen Display Systems are going to be adopted by every restaurant out there.  

Invest today and change your world before this opportunity passes you by like the wind! 

Innowi’s Technology – Try Before You Buy 

We believe in mutual partnerships that are beneficial for your restaurant in a major way. Innowi has a mission of investing and taking the lead in bringing innovation to the restaurant industry. 

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