In-House Online Ordering Systems Are A Life-Saver For Restaurants – Learn How

Online ordering is a lifesaver for restaurants these days, and it’s difficult to argue against the advantages of having an in-house online ordering system.

Guests were already flocking to online ordering even before COVID-19 hit. In October 2019, the National Restaurant Association said that takeout, drive-through, and delivery accounted for 60% of all restaurant and foodservice sales.

Many restaurants have embraced online ordering completely during the course of the epidemic, and they realize it’s here to stay, even when on-premise eating returns to normal levels. Even in the face of enormous obstacles, restaurant owners and employees adopted this year.

They shifted their focus to delivery and curbside pickup, tweaked their menus and service styles, and did everything they could to keep their companies viable while ensuring the safety of their employees.

It’s safe to say that online ordering is here to stay. Here are some reasons why you should build up your own online ordering system, especially one that is connected with your point of sale.

Advantages Of An In-House Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant

1. Drive More Revenue – Your Profits Are Yours Alone

You keep 100% of the money from every transaction if you have an online ordering system that is linked with your restaurant’s point of sale. There will be no more significant profit margins lost to the intermediary. Instead, paying a one-time charge for this service allows you to budget for it completely. The more items you sell, the more money you make.

With Innowi’s restaurant POS system you only pay a flat fee (monthly) with no commission on individual orders.

1.1 Process more orders on call in less time

When a customer comes to your restaurant you have to greet them. Then they take their time in selecting the food they want to eat. And, finally, they order. This whole process wastes a lot of time.

Instead, when you have an online ordering system, customers will place an order through their app and only call if they have a complaint or important query.

Time saved = more orders = more revenue

1.2 Upsell – suggesting a side item

There’s a reason why customers choose to purchase through applications or online. Customers are more likely to examine all of their menu selections when they are not under pressure to complete their purchase, and they may even spend more than they would if they ordered over the phone or in person.

Guests nowadays have more time to linger over a menu for minutes, if not hours, while planning and anticipating on their own. With no one in front of them, your visitors won’t feel pressed to make quick decisions, and they’ll be more likely to order that extra menu item.

You can add in LTOs (limited time offers) on festivals and occasions like Black Friday. You can harness the power of smart AI upselling of Innowi’s kiosk and earn more revenue through upselling.

2. Improved Customer Service

While some restaurateurs believe that online ordering eliminates the face-to-face connection between employees and customers, there are methods to imbue your online orders with your restaurant’s unique brand of hospitality.

Although consumers will not be engaging with workers over the phone or visiting your restaurant in person, you may customize thank you notes and receipts to ensure that your brand is reflected in all delivery or takeout orders.

These small gestures, especially during the pandemic, remind your visitors that you value their business and that you hope to see them back in the dining room when things are back to normal.

3. Order Accuracy

In any restaurant, whether an order is placed over the phone or in person, miscommunications can occur. Honest errors can result in spoiled food and, more significantly, irritated customers who may not return.

One of the advantages of restaurant online ordering is that the consumer has more control. When the client is in charge, they feel more in control of their activities and have a better knowledge of what they are doing. There’s no danger of a mix-up because everything is written down. This is especially essential for those with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Many online ordering systems have easy, explicit checkboxes for indicating allergies, making it straightforward for kitchen workers to modify ingredients based on the guest’s choice.

Not only does this improve the client experience, but it also improves the restaurant’s operating results. There are probably to be fewer computed items to make up for the miscommunication if there are fewer errors. This saves both money and time for your restaurant.

4. In-house online ordering systems are customizable

You can make quick, real-time adjustments to your menu and design using your own online ordering platform. To put it another way, you’ll have more control over your brand. Customers will place orders through the website you established rather than a 3rd-party app.

Add some food photographs and anything else you believe will help your business stand out, and simply change menu choices and wait times to ensure realistic expectations and pricing.

The option to delete an item from the menu is another benefit of in-house online ordering systems. If you run out of a key component, you can take the dish off the menu entirely to prevent disappointing a client later.

5. In-house online ordering systems can integrate with 3rd party delivery companies

Offering restaurant online ordering through a third-party provider has obvious advantages. Third-party delivery apps are a wonderful method to expose your brand to new clients in cities and highly crowded areas. Because of commission costs, you’ll have to pay that client acquisition cost on every order they place through that site, even after that first-time order.

With Innowi you can simplify your restaurant operations by integrating 3rd party apps. And the good part is that they are all one-time integrations. No need to configure them every time you log into our Kiosk app.

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6. Collect important customer data

In a realm where understanding what your consumers want is crucial, in-house online ordering is a fantastic method to gain that knowledge. In-house food ordering systems, unlike third-party online ordering suppliers, allow you to keep track of client information and order trends for each transaction. You can’t determine who your frequent online clients are, what they order the most, or when they order from your restaurant without this information. Customer data helps you to provide a more personalized online experience for your customers and to sell to them more successfully.

Online Food Ordering Systems are not going anywhere

Nowadays, the safest way for your guests to enjoy your cuisine and hospitality is through online ordering. Make certain you’re getting the most out of each purchase. Make sure your online ordering system is set up to turn first-time consumers into repeat customers, especially once the COVID-19 issue has passed.

Innowi’s restaurant POS system is exactly what you need. Contact our sales team today!