In-House Online Ordering Systems: A Life-Saver For Restaurants Learn How

In-House Online Ordering Systems: A Life-Saver For Restaurants – Learn How

Let Innowi create an online ordering page for you and provide you with self-serve solutions including kiosks and QR codes at tables, for in-store orders.

Online ordering systems for restaurants is a lifesaver these days, and it’s difficult to argue against the advantages of having an in-house online ordering system. 

Guests were already flocking to online ordering even before COVID-19 hit. In October 2019, the National Restaurant Association said that takeout, drive-through, and delivery accounted for 60% of all restaurant and food service sales.

Many restaurants have shifted their focus to delivery and curbside pickup, tweaked their menus and service styles, and done everything they could to keep their businesses viable while ensuring the safety of their employees.

As a restaurant owner, you most likely already agree that it is essential to let customers place orders online. On the other hand, an in-house online ordering system linked to your point of sale has many great benefits. 

These advantages include the ability to get data from customers and the ability to tailor the user experience.

Advantages Of An In-House Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant

1. Drive More Revenue

1.1 Process more orders in less time

Customers can place orders online from any location that has an internet connection.

Moreover, when you have an online ordering system, customers will place an order from anywhere. And only call if they have a complaint or important query.

More efficiency = more orders = more revenue

1.2 Upsell – suggesting a side item

Customers who visit your business may be familiar with personalizing their orders. Such as adding bacon and jalapenos to your famous mac and cheese or combining your a la carte soups and sandwiches into a meal. By curating a list of modifiers, restaurants can provide the same enjoyable freedom online, effectively automating the art of the upsell. Customers will frequently decide to add that extra shake or dipping sauce only because it was recommended to them online.

You can add in LTOs (limited-time offers) on festivals and occasions like Black Friday or Halloween. You can harness the power of upselling with the help of one-stop solution.

2. Reduce Order Errors

In any restaurant, whether an order is placed over the phone or in person, miscommunications can occur. Honest errors can result in spoiled food and, more significantly, irritated customers who may not return.

One of the advantages online ordering systems for restaurants is that the consumer has more control. There’s no danger of a mix-up because everything is digitally ordered.

Similarly, this is especially essential for those with allergies or dietary restrictions. Many online ordering systems have easy, explicit checkboxes for indicating allergies, making it straightforward for kitchen workers to modify ingredients based on the guest’s choice.

3. Simple Menu Management

You can make quick, real-time adjustments to your menu and design using your own online ordering platform. To put it another way, you’ll have more control over your brand. Customers will place orders through your website rather than a third-party app.

Add some food photographs and anything else you believe will help your business stand out, and simply change menu choices and wait times to ensure realistic expectations and pricing.

The option to change the prices of items on the fly is an added benefit of online ordering systems. If you run out of a key component, you can take the dish off the menu entirely to prevent disappointing a client later.

4. In-house online ordering systems can integrate with 3rd party delivery companies

Offering restaurant online ordering through a third-party provider has obvious advantages. Third-party delivery apps are a wonderful method to expose your brand to new clients in cities and highly crowded areas. Because of commission costs, you’ll have to pay that client acquisition cost. and a portion of delivery fee on every order they place through that site, even after that first-time order.

Using Innowi’s online ordering gives you access to delivery services, which tend to be cheaper than third-party marketplaces. It’ll give you a higher level of control over the customer experience and relationship. 

5. Personalized Ordering Experience

In an industry where understanding what your consumers want is crucial, in-house online ordering systems for restaurants is a fantastic method to gain that knowledge. In-house food ordering systems allow you to keep track of client information and order trends for each transaction. 

You can’t determine who your frequent online clients are, what they order the most, or when they order from your restaurant without this information. Customer data helps you to provide a more personalized online experience for your customers and to sell to them more successfully.

Online Ordering Systems are not going anywhere

Nowadays, the trendy way for your customers to enjoy your cuisine and hospitality is through online ordering. Your customer will value the convenience of placing orders and making payments for their meals on a smartphone or tablet. They just need to drop by and pick up their order or get it delivered to their place. That’s it! 

What could be simpler? 

Contact our sales team today! Innowi will help you choose the best ordering process for your website so you can start enjoying a noticeable uptick in sales.

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