Adapt to the new normal, create a contactless experience for your guests

Let’s face it, your business has suffered the darkness of COVID - maybe it still is. With restaurants facing closure, customers do not feel comfortable to dine-in at restaurants. To thrive in these ever-changing times, every restaurant must create experiences for their guests in which they feel safe.

Innowi understands this business dilemma and we have developed a contactless solution that allows your guests to visit your restaurant without any worry.  

How can we help?

Our smart POS system is made to promote a contactless experience. It minimizes contact and lets your guests maintain distance. 

  • Our devices accept all forms of contactless payments through NFC. One tap is all your customers need to make the payment. Easy, swift, and a super way to increase table turns. 

  • A handheld POS device that can accept curbside payments and pickup, so customers don’t have to leave their cars - completely contactless.

  • Innowi’s Kiosks promote self-service and enforce COVID safety protocols. It allows guests to order and pay by themselves with no contact from your staff whatsoever.

  • Our online ordering and delivery service management system triples the revenue for restaurants in no time.

At Innowi we don’t sell to restaurants, we invest in them. Our mission is to empower every restaurateur with the latest in technology, so they can create an experience that best serves their customers. After all, we must stand together to thrive and prosper during these difficult times.

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