Yahoo Finance: Walmart's clever plan to keep checkout lines moving during the holiday season

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With Halloween about to wrap up this week, Walmart (WMT) is already looking forward to December and what its executives expect to be its “best holiday season yet.”

The world’s largest retailer is rolling out some new initiatives with the goal of getting customers in-and-out of the store faster during the holiday rush.

New in stores starting November 1 will be the “Check Out With Me” service, where associates will be positioned with handheld devices in some of the heaviest trafficked areas of the store, like the garden center or electronics department, allowing customers to purchase items in that department so they can bypass long lines at the register.

“The idea is we are not going to be checking out large baskets standing in the aisles doing it. It’s geared toward one or two items, said Steve Bratspies, the chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S. “It can be any items. There’s no level set on [the] price.”

Another new offering will be digital store maps for each of the 4,700 locations on the Walmart app to help customers quickly locate a product “down to the exact aisle location.”

“There’s no more searching through dozens of aisles to find out what’s on your list,” added Bratspies.