5 Instagram Posts by Restaurants that Took the Internet by Storm

In today's restaurant industry, the most arduous task for any restaurant owner would be to set itself apart from the ever-growing competition. The US region alone houses over a million restaurants, and this number is only bound to rise in the coming years.

Gone are the days, when the quality and quantity of food alone could guarantee a restaurant operating at full capacity. Eye-catching posts or advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat is perhaps the most effective way to gain followers and increase the footfall to your restaurant. 

Below we'll be looking into some restaurants that have come up with creative and trendy social media marketing ideas on Instagram to gain an advantage over their competitors. 

1. Wendy's

Most of us would've come across a Wendy's post or comment at some point in time, and for a good reason. Wendy's is extremely active when it comes down to interacting and engaging with their loyal customers (and sometimes even with their competition!). They are so active because they understand the importance of re-sharing user-generated content.

This Instagram post by Wendy's not only served as a shout-out to one of their valued customers but it also, effectively, created fun content that resonates better with their followers.

Top 5 Instagram marketing post by restaurants

2. Dunkin' 

National food days like "National Donut Day" or "National Pizza Day" are prime opportunities for a restaurant to get their customers excited. Through this post Dunkin' was successfully able to jump on an already trending #NationalDonutDay hashtag. With guaranteed exposure through the hashtag, Dunkin' gave out a promotional offer that undoubtedly resulted in long queues at their branches.

As a restaurant owner, be on the lookout for trending topics and post relevant and timely content to increase the exposure of your posts.

Top 5 Instagram marketing post by restaurants

3. KFC

Featuring your employees in your social media posts doesn't just bring about more personality to your brand, but it also motivates your team that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated. In this social media post, KFC uses their mascot "Colonel Sanders" to share wisdom with their followers that the "secret recipe for success" is basically selecting the "right people" to run a restaurant.

Top 5 Instagram marketing post by restaurants

4. Trap Kitchen

Sometimes the best way to market your restaurant is to go back to the basics and flaunt the tasty and delicious food that you're offering. After all, food is the main component that'll genuinely satisfy your hungry customers. As featured on the popular Netflix Series, "Million Pound Menu" this restaurant based out of the UK has been able to organically increase their following to a whopping 98.3k followers by simply posting pictures of their meaty and mouth-watering platters. Pretty cool, right?!

Top 5 Instagram marketing post by restaurants


 Perhaps the simplest way to tempt your customers to visit your restaurant is to give out a promotional offer on a social media post. Offer quality deals that are light on your customers' wallet, and you'd be surprised by the rise in footfall. IHOPs post to celebrate their 60th anniversary by offering a deal worth 60 cents surely had many of their followers' craving short stacks! 

Top 5 Instagram marketing post by restaurants


 Author: Saad Ghori