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4 Reasons Why The Conversion Rate In Your Retail Store is Low

How often do people step inside your retail store and leave empty-handed? In today’s world, where the market for every product is quite saturated, missing out on capturing customers inside your retail stores’ four walls can prove to be detrimental.  The right marketing and branding may increase the traffic to your retail store, but this factor alone won’t guarantee sales. The metric that the management, or the owners of a retail store, should be equally concerned about is the conversion rate. Conversion rate can be defined as the fraction of shoppers visiting your store that actually made a purchase. It can be calculated using the following formula: (number of sales / total visitors) * 100 According to a survey, conversation...

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Hybrid Retail is the New Norm!

Looking back almost two decades makes you realize how technology has effectively shaped the landscape of most of the industries and markets. Technology has now become the centre of every industry, one of the consequences of which is the apocalypse it has caused in the retail markets. From the production side of things to the consumer end, technology has impacted the consumer experience as well as their expectations through various digital trends. The focus of the shoppers nowadays has shifted from merely product and price to the whole shopping experience, which is also a driving factor of brand loyalty. The crux: It is not only about the possession anymore, but the overall shopping experience and this article we will be...

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3 Hot Trends that will Transform Retail Stores in 2020

There was a time when every retail store was under threat from the rise of e-commerce. Amazon was taking on a centuries-old sector single-handedly. Customers can now order anything literally from the comfort of their homes and get it delivered within hours! (thanks to amazon prime). Despite this disruption in this brick and mortar sector, a good number of retail stores not only survive but in some cases are thriving! There are many reasons for that, and a lot has been researched and written on it. However, in my view, they serve two essential purposes that an online store lacks.  Physical Traction: the idea of touching, feeling, trying products on, i.e., getting help or confidence in a purchase. Social Experience: the...

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