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Admin App for Restaurant

All your devices, kiosk, QR code ordering, online ordering, point of sale, KDS, can be managed from your mobile admin app. This is as simple as winking!

Menu management
Reporting and analytics
24/7 support
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Menu Management on The Fly

Menu management would literally be at your fingertips. With your restaurant admin app, you can update the menu on all devices. It will save you time!

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Reporting & Analytics

Our app can keep track of your revenue. Whether there is a rise in sales or a reduction in costs, all of that can be viewed on your phone. It is your restaurant analytics app!

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24/7 Support

Any issue in running your restaurant can be resolved from your app. You just need to drop a message and our support team will be there to help you with running your restaurant, without delays!

One-stop solution for all restaurants

An integrated system to cater to all your needs.
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You can go cashier-free with our solution
Cost effective payment processing
Easy menu management through app
Cloud-based real-time reporting and analytics
Simple to use software that can help generate revenues
24/7 Support Available